Group Purchase Profile

Every Month A Batch of The Most Competitive Products Will be Selected by ESSA Team to Meet Our Members ' Demands,Since The Group Purchase is to Offer Our Customers The Most Competitive Chinese Brands Products with The Lowest Price .

The Activity Rules Are As Follows.

1st Day of Every Month is The Beginning of Every Activity that Lasts for One Month.

To Meet Ur Demands of Small Orders & Good Quality Products with Low Price,A Batch of Best-selling Brands Products Uploaded in Every Activity,which Will be sold for The Lower Price than The Original due to Discount from Orders Aggregated.

Please Click on Detailed Rules for The Products Added in Cart & Changed According to Activity Condition .

The Products Already in Cart Can be Added & Deleted Freely During The Activity.

U Cannot Delete The Confirmed Purchase Done in Cart after The Purchase Confirmation Info. Sent by ESSA ,but We Will Cancel Ur Unconfirmed Purchase Among 7 Days for Our Activity Products.

3.U Should Confirm The Purchase The Time U Add More Activity Products Under Negotiation

U can Cancel The Order or Purchase up to The Original Price & MOQ Once The Group Purchase Failed and Meanwhile We'll Cancel Ur Order Condition of Purchase Confirmation Done.

Only When The Activity with Success,can The Products Confirmed Purchase be for Consolidation.

The Most Popular Group Purchase