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7pcs Food set Sliceable【English Packaging】

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  • Styles:Vegetable
Factory qualification:Cooperation 11 years
the reply time of quotation:85.72% ≤ 12hrs
Basic Information
  • Article No.:200579215
  • Material :Plastic
  • Package language:English Packaging
  • Special function:Sliceable
  • Applicable type:To play house
  • Applicable age:3-6 years
  • Loading volume:72
  • Package:Net bag
  • Package:Net bag+paper card
  • Styles:Vegetable
  • Logo of Age on Packaging:3+
  • product size:14.50x11.50x8.50
  • Packaging Information
  • Ctn volume(m³):0.114
  • Outer box size(cm):69.00x30.00x55.00
  • Packaging separation:No
  • G/N(Kg):14.000/12
  • Package size(cm):14.50x11.50x8.50
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