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1.How to check PO stage?

    Order production usually takes fixed time. Process status update you can check at the “Order tracking” to find information based on the processing.


2.If there are any production process questions, what to do?

    If there are any production process questions we will let you know.

   Step 1: Solve questions during forming PO: You can depending on the circumstances, choose to accept or delete, if the period of delay, or may choose to transfer to other PO.

   Step 2: If there are not enough items for the full container, you can add them from other PO.

   1)To choose items from other PO you should choose the PO first. Also it can be referred to our company, we will choose items from confirmed PO.

   2)The price should be confirmed for the added items. After that need your confirmation and process can be started. Please provide us information about shipping marks and stickers on time.

3.Where can I download packing list and invoice?

   After loading container complete you can download packing list and invoice.