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1.How to add items to the cart?

   You can use different ways to add product to the cart:

   1)Add from the description list

   You should choose from the big variety of the products items you need.

   2)Add from the detailed page

   You can add several items at the same time to the cart.

   3)From the cart

   Step 1: Enter the cart, press “Import”.

   Step 2: Download form, input needed items and quantity.

   Step 3: When added, press “Upload” button.

2.If you have product specification questions, what to do?

   If you have any questions or requirements for any product, you can ask us, and in the confirmed goods storage you can find the answer for your question.

   Step 1: Being at the cart, write your question, then send the item for the price confirmation.

   Step 2: At the confirmed items storage you can find the answer for your question.

   If you still have questions after receiving the answer, continue to ask.

3.How to submit price?

   Step 1: Choose needed items.

   Step 2: Press “Submit price” button. After sending the item is saved at the confirmed items storage where you can find the final confirmed price.